I love NET! It’s been a big part of helping me manage the stresses that come with 30+ years in broadcasting. I’m excited about the release of the documentary, “Stressed”. Now the whole world can learn about this life-changing therapy.
— Linda Cohn, Hall of Fame Sports Broadcaster
This documentary provides the research healers have suspected for ages!
— Dr. Tony Palermo, Consultant to Healthcare Professionals for over 25 years
A powerful documentary of extraordinary findings.
— Sean Podvent, Founder & CEO of ID Content Group

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A new exploration into emotional stress and exciting science surrounding Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.).  The film delves into our history with stress, how we got to where we are today, and where we go from here.  Featuring Dr. Daniel Monti (Director - Marcus Institute of Integrative Health) and leading neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Newberg (DMT: The Spirit Molecule), we get a fresh perspective on the effects of stress.  Thanks to a new study from the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA, there is now compelling evidence that this breakthrough intervention can help people to alleviate their emotional stress, as well as deeper insight into this exciting topic.